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Agricultural Marketing Service, (AMS) - An agency of the USDA.Agricultural Research Service, (ARS) - An agency of the USDA. But here's the thing: heritage chickens are not the plump birds you find at the grocery store.They can be equally (and many say radically more) delicious, but they're different in so many ways. built its name by supplying heritage chickens to high-end restaurants like The French Laundry, Benu and The Slanted Door.acre - The unit most commonly used to measure farm and ranch land in the United States . To convert acres to hectares, multiply acres by .4048.(Example: 100 acres X .4048 = 40.48 hectares.) aerobic - Requiring oxygen.The palm fruit takes five to six months to mature from pollination to maturity.It is reddish, about the size of a large plum, and grows in large bunches.

And it's not only pullets proud to flaunt their pedigree; cocks (it's rude to snigger), too, are back on the menu, cooked long and slow until their distinctive, silky, succulent meat falls away from the bone with the most gentle persuasion.

What’s also great, is that you can now cook these chickens, raised on a ranch in Red Bluff, California, at home.

read the article We have a lot to celebrate this year.

We applaud the hardworking farmers, passionate food makers and educational advocates who used successful crowdfunding campaigns to connect with their communities and grow their businesses.

Nearly 17 percent of the world’s livestock breeds face extinction.


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