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The Victorian Housing Commission also began building homes for low-income rental in 1939, as well as embarking on a major slum clearance scheme.

By 1942 housing was seen as one of the main pillars of post-war reconstruction and there were high public expectations of government action to remedy housing shortages and abolish slums.

In their book (1942), FO Barnett and WO Burt estimated that the housing shortage in Australia amounted to 112,000, while 46,000 houses were unfit for human habitation and should be demolished.

They saw a need for a Commonwealth Housing Commission, but it would be state housing commissions which would have the task of abolishing slums, determining minimum standards, zoning residential and other areas, and providing housing at a rental within the capacity of lower-income tenants.

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HOUSING waxes and wanes as a topic of public concern in Australia.

During boom times, owner-occupiers rejoice in the rising value of their asset, though some worry that the younger generation will never be able to afford a home.

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The South Australian Housing Trust took the lead in providing rental housing to low-income earners and its early achievements exerted a strong influence on wartime housing inquiries and social reformers.Many federalists are apt to forget that our state governments are still the primary landowners in Australia, and that each of them could make a much better fist of public housing than they’ve done lately or look like doing in the near future.The centrepiece of Troy’s book is a close analysis of each of the Commonwealth–State housing agreements, starting with the first in 1945, and ending with the twelfth and last, which wound up in 2008.analyses seven decades of public housing policies, debates and outcomes.The result is a book that manages to keep the Commonwealth’s intervention in the foreground while taking each of the states seriously – an unusual achievement in public policy writing in Australia.The was designed to assist potential home owners by empowering the Commonwealth Savings Bank to advance funds to housing authorities, but the scheme lapsed during the Depression.In 1941 the government created the Commonwealth War Workers Housing Trust to provide housing for munitions workers and other war workers.Despite the creation of a Commonwealth housing authority in 1945, the Department of Post War Reconstruction continued to take a strong interest in the building industry right up to the last days of the Chifley government.Not long after he joined the Reconstruction Division in 1942, Arthur Tange began to make a close study of the building industry in relation to post-war housing policy.Recent award-winning and innovative solutions include Checkpoint Catalyst™ (the fastest, most efficient way to perform complex tax research online) as well as Intuitive Search (the advanced online search technology that goes beyond keyword matching to truly understand what you are looking for) and deliver the best results, every time.Now featuring EY Tax Alerts — timely updates and authoritative insights on key developments With the addition of EY Tax Alerts, Checkpoint delivers an unsurpassed selection of outstanding industry-specific news sources — such as PPC, WG&L, RIA and Reuters — to keep you current with important developments in the industry and legislative changes that may impact your clients.


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