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The video, which went viral on Friday, lasts about 45 seconds. Set up a coded system with the daytime caregiver: “When I clap twice, nobody is allowed within 30 feet of the office.

But the trauma will endure for anyone who works from home. ” “Well, we’ve got a little bit of interesting things going on right now,” said Ellis, his syntax on the fritz as the kid flapped his arms, jumped, squawked and swirled around to assault the grown-up with flatulence.“You want to point out the weather right now? If I stomp on the floor, vacate the house immediately!

The actors and producer of popular youtube channel TVF recently interviewed SRK at his residence and little Ab Ram barged in between the live chat.

While Ab Ram's innocent voice and little chat with his father is adorable, the way SRK talks to him, is equally cute.

He then asks him to stand near the door as they are leaving and Ab Ram replies in his cute fumbling voice, "I'm ready."This video is adorable to the core and the father-son duo makes you fall in love with their innocent, playful talks indeed.

You already checked out our list of '13 Half-Korean Hotties.' Now check out these 14 adorable half-Korean children who, although have yet to mature into their features, are evidently destined for cuteness and beauty!

With a Canadian father and Korean mother, Moon Mason is already famous among the K-Pop community as "Little Nichkhun".

“My apologies.”The woman grabs the first child by the arm while reversing the trajectory of the bouncy chair. These are lessons Professor Dad learned the hard way on live television. 6, for when kid-truders show up unannounced at your real office: a) Be polite, b) Don’t freeze like the meteorologist, c) Maintain control, d) Stay focused and, e) Enjoy the short break from the usual grind.

The physical laws of the universe are no match for human desperation when kids breach workspaces. This is supposed to be an interview about South Korea and it’s like watching a chess match that is halted because someone is juggling blowtorches on the board. The Toronto Star and, each property of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. Please contact us or see our privacy policy for more information.


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