America american women in workplace intimidating

But for black women in America, many days they can insert their own name into a tale about being disrespected, or discriminated against, while they're just trying to do their jobs.

The California congresswoman and White House correspondent were swept into a viral social media catharsis that let black women shine a light on bias they face in the workplace and educate the rest of America about what they've been dealing with.

That's the key finding from a study of 132 companies published Tuesday by Sandberg's nonprofit, Lean, and the consulting firm Mc Kinsey & Co.

"More women are leaning in -- and we'll all go farther when the workplace stops pushing back," Sandberg wrote in The Wall Street Journal as the study was released.

“There are knowing nods, grimaces, and looks of amazement as they look around and see that this is not an uncommon thing,” she says. Digital marketing pioneer Daina Middleton, the global CEO of Performics, says such attitudes make it difficult to be a good woman and a good leader.

“I have been given feedback about being strong-willed, speaking my mind, and smart,” she says, traits that didn’t always make it into the positive attribute column of her performance evaluations.

code for aggressive, pushy or bossy –all the negative traits associated with a woman exercising power. Silly me, I’d forgotten to add the happy smiley face [to the end of this sentence].

And even though my grandmother kept other folks’ children she was never a mammy.

And even though I was college-educated and ambitious in my twenties, I was never privileged.

The presidential election -- the first time a major party has nominated a woman -- has magnified discussion about the treatment of women seeking leadership roles.

Clinton's delivery style has been derided as grating, too loud and much worse.


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