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Regular video cameras shoot limited dynamic range, which is why their pictures look like video.

Digital cinema cameras have a much wider dynamic range and is the reason why high end television commercials and feature films look so beautiful.

Introducing URSA Mini Pro, a professional digital film camera that combines the incredible image quality of URSA Mini 4.6K with the features and controls of a traditional broadcast camera!

Canon makes some great cameras, but the G9X II appears to be — at best — just another good camera.The rest of the G9X Mark II is awfully similar to the first version of the camera. The G9X Mark II also still tops out at 1080p at 60 frames per second when recording video.It has the same f2.0-4.9 lens with an equivalent zoom range of 28-84mm. Sony and Panasonic have comparably-sized compacts that blow these specs out of the water, particularly with video — both of those companies offer 4K recording and have for a while.It’s ideal for any kind of work from high end feature films, television shows and commercials, to independent films, broadcast news, and even studio and live production!URSA Mini Pro features beyond Ultra HD 4.6K resolution plus 15 stops of dynamic range, all with a super wide color gamut and Da Vinci color science so you always capture cinematic quality images.With object and facial detection, Floodlight Cam has themost advanced motion sensors in home security.Its 270°field-of-view will let you detect motion around cornersand monitor all your blind spots.With its extremely compact size, you can covertly shoot important and historic events such as wars, protests and other conflict in cinema quality and get a more realistic record of the event.Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is a true revolution in how you can shoot digital cinema!URSA Mini Pro is lightweight and comfortable enough to use all day, has controls that are extremely fast to use, and image quality that’s far superior to broadcast cameras costing ten times more!Find Reseller URSA Mini Pro is “three cameras in one” because it combines high end digital film quality with the ergonomics and features broadcasters need.


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