Coldfusion dating script

Luckily I found a Java implementation inside Railo (the Open Source CFML engine from the Railo company), so the algorithm porting began.

It's not a complicated one, it's just that the seem to have a glitch in working with leap years, for some date calculations. These are all bugs that have impacted paying clients sufficiently for them to bring them to Adobe's attention. Secondly to reopening and dealing with these bugs, this approach they have of sweeping issues under the carpet has to stop.

There's currently 515 open bugs (just bugs, not enhancement requests) for Cold Fusion, so 349 is like an additional 70% of bugs they are perhaps not disclosing to the people they report to, by surreptitiously closing them.

I also wonder whether the team are misrepresenting the situation to their employers as well?

To restart the service I can restart coldfusion OR run the following code: The solution above is a fix noted on stackoverflow: My goal would be to find a log or something that would help point me to the cause of the issue.

Is there a log that will tell me what is causing the mailspoolservice to crash? I have also tried to regenerate this issue, and I can't.


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