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— KDear K: When I went through something similar in my own life, I self-medicated with cigarettes and wine coolers, developed chronic insomnia, went on a dating and eating binge and developed a furious lump of coal heart-hate toward my ex, while still being more or less in love with him. (His oldest, like mine, had just started college.)By every conceivable metric, being a stepparent is the most challenging form of parenting there is. Honestly, it is a relationship so loaded, complicated — and sometimes fraught — that it can’t be described in any one way, except to say that it is… The stepparent relationship may be born through love between two adults, but to be a stepparent is to step into a family system that has already seen pain, dislocation and, at its toughest, abandonment and trauma. No matter what else happens, you get to be with you for the rest of your life.

If trapped, keeps talking, changes the subject or gets angry.

Certain characteristics appear with stunning regularity among narcissists.

Since narcissism is on a continuum, some will have more than others.

In the worse case scenario, it may become inescapable, or prove so popular in its demographic that those attempting to Follow the Leader choke out any innovation in other programming for a period.

Of course, a Periphery Hatedom can help make things even more inescapable, even well after the pop-culture phenomenon's popularity has died down.


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