Dating abc scrapbook

, new clothes, newspaper O – Open House, Orientation, oh no! P – pom poms, parents, pet peeves, plays, principal, PE, prom, portraits Q – queen of the crowd, quiet (study hall), R – report cards, rules, riding around with pals S – school, Student of the Week, School’s Out , school pride, Student Council, spring break, study, scholarship, SATs, sophomore, senior T – team spirit, teachers, Talents, T-shirts, Tests, theater U – underclass, upperclassmen, University tours V – Valentine’s Dance, vacation W – win, “Who’s Who”, What’s next?

X – X-tra Special Student: X-ellent, X-rated Y – yearbook, yahoo!

ABC albums are so much fun to create, but thinking up lists of ABC words can be difficult. I add to them whenever I think of a new word or see something that should be on it. If there are some needed words missing, just let me know!

High School ABC’s by author unknown A – Annuals, athletics, Algebra B – books, band, ball games, C – college prep classes, computer lab, calculators, chemistry, calculus, choir, cheer leading D – Driver’s Ed, diploma, dances, deadlines, drama E – education, essays, entrance tests, F – Fine Arts, field trips, fabulous friends, freshman, football G – grades, going out, gym, graduation, geography, geometry H – homeroom, honor roll, hairstyles, homework, holidays hanging out, Homecoming I – intelligent, interests, Internet, Instant Messaging J – journalism, joking, junior K – keyboard, knowledge, kids L – laughter, late nights, library, learning, lunch break M – math, MTV, music, mascots, movies, N – new kids, no parents!

Scissors, Sewing, Stickers, stamp, stylus, shaker box, storage, stencil, Serendipity Squares, Snaps, Supplies, shaved ice, sand, T – templates, tools, tape runner, twine, tracing paper, twelve by twelve paper, tips, threads, tags, tassels, tea bag folding, text, title blocks, Trimmer, Top Loading, Tearing, Themes, tag, template, tape, toppers, Twistel, Toppers, Title, Tools, U – unique albums, unity, Undo sticker remover, User-friendly, Ugly pages, Undu, unmounted, V – vellum, vellum die cuts, Vacations, W – websites, wire, writing, Weaving, Window, Weddings, windows, waxy flax, X – Xyron, X-Acto knife, Y – Yesterday, yasutomo, Years, Yesteryear, Yahoo groups Z – Zoom lens, zip-loc baggies, zig glue or pens, Zig-Zag, Zig, Sports ABC’s by author unknown A – Aerobics, Aquatics, Athletes, Arm Wrestling, Adventure Racing, Acrobatics, Archery, Auto Racing B – Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Bicycling, Boxing, Badminton, Bocci, Bungee Jumping, Billiards, Boomerang C – Cheerleading, Cycling, Croquet, Cross Country, Climbing, Curling, Cricket, Canoing, Cabbage Ball D – Diving, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Drag Racing, Darts, Discus E – Equestrian, exercise F – Football, Field Hockey, Fishing, Figure Skating, Fencing, Flag Football, Frisbee G – Gymnastics, Golf, H – Hockey, Horse Racing, Hunting, High Jump, Hackey Sack, Hurling I – Ice Skating, Inline Skating, Indy 500 J – Juggling, Jai Alai, Javelin Toss, Jogging, Jump Rope K – Kung Fu, Kick boxing, Kentucky Derby, Kite Sailing, Korfbal, Kabbadi L – Laser Tag, Lacrosse, Lawn Bowling, Long Jump M – Mountain Climbing, Mountain Biking, Martial Arts, Motorcylce Racing, Marathon, Marksmanship, N – Nascar, NFL, NBA, NCAA, NHL O – Olympics, Obstacle Course, Off Road Cycling, Orienteering P – Pole Vault, Para Sailing, Polo, Pro Wrestling, Power Lifting, Ping Pong, Personal Water crafting Q – Never Quit, Quail Hunting, Quiet Time, Quick R – Rose Bowl, Roller Blading, Roller Skating, Roller Hockey, Race Car Driving, Rugby, Relay, Rock Climbing, Rowing, Running, Rhythmic, Gymnastics, Roller Derby, Rodeo S – Soccer, Super Bowl, Softball, Snow Skiing, Swimming, Snow Boarding, Sky Diving, Skeet Shooting, Skate Boarding, Snow Mobile, Squash, Strongman, Surfing, Sled Dog Racing, Skating, Scuba Diving Shot Put, Synchronized Swimming, Sailing, Shooting, T – Tennis, Track, Training, T-Ball, Triathlon, Track and Field, Table Soccer, Table Tennis, Team Handball U – Underwater Sports, Ultimate Frisbee, Ultimate Volleyball, Unicycling, Under Dog V – Volleyball, Victory W – Water Skiing, Water Ballet, Wrestling, World Series, World Cup, Water Polo, Wiffle Ball, Wind Surfing, Walking, Weight Lifting, Wally Ball X – e Xcercise, e Xhausted, e Xciting, e Xceptional, e Xceptional athlete, X-Games, e Xtreme sports, Y – Yoga, Yachting, Z – ZZZZ’s from being so tired!

, Zany, Zippy, Zig Zag Christmas ABC’s by author unknown A – Advent, anticipation, animals, assembling, angels, aromas B – bells, baking, Baby, bows, believing C – Carolers, chimney, cards, coal D – Dinner, donkey, drums, dolly, donation, desert, delight E – elves, eggnog, eager F – family, friends, fireplace, Frosty the Snowman G – gifts, green, guests, games, Grinch H – hugs, ho ho ho, holy I – icicles, iced cookies, ivy J – joy, Jesus, jingle, jolly K – keepsakes, kerchief, kids, kin-folk, kissing, Kris Kringle L – lights, letter to Santa, lists M – mistletoe, mice, manger, merry, memories, Mrs.

Instead of worrying about how to document one event, remember that you're trying to create a book that gives a broader picture of who you are as a person.Claus N – Noel, afternoon naps, naughty, nice O – Ornaments, opening P – presents, popcorn, parties, pictures, phone calls, patience Q – quilts, quiet time R – reindeer, red, ribbons, relatives, reflection, Rudolph S – Santa, sleigh, shopping, snowman, stories, snow, shepherds, stable, star, sharing, secrets, stockings T – tree, tinsel, toys, traveling, traditions U – unity, unruly, utopia V – vacation, velvet, visitors W – wreath, wrapping paper, wise men, waiting X – (e)xcellant!But it's not just physical chemistry that connects Nick and Vanessa. The day before the premiere, I met with Vanessa to talk about her deal breakers in a relationship, why she was more than content to have Jo Jo Fletcher cast-off Chase Mc Nary be the bachelor before Nick Viall got the job, and more. Vanessa Grimaldi: It’s funny because my friend was the one who submitted my photo.Her passion for her career (Vanessa is a special-needs teacher in the adult sector) is a total turn-on for Nick, not to mention her willingness to call him out for questionable behavior ("Are you looking for a wife? Since my last significant relationship three years ago, she was like, "You gotta go on this show! Well, this year she decided to submit my picture without me knowing.You’re not finding anyone." I was always very skeptical of that. When I got the call from one of the producers, I was really shocked.I come from a very traditional Italian family, and I’m very close to mine. It was so tempting to research and find out stuff about him before the show, but I told myself, "I’m coming in on a clean slate, so it’s only fair that I do the same for him." So far, what I know about him [going into the show] I do like and am attracted to, so hopefully I’ll like him more. I always think about the other person I’m dating and how it’s going to affect them.VG: I think the biggest hurdle in relationships is sometimes having to…like, I’m the kind of person that when I’m in a serious relationship, I adopt the mentality of: How is this going to affect us? I guess for me, I’m trying to find someone who has that same mentality and can adopt that same mind frame as well. I’m 28 years old, and that’s something I’m starting to think of. I don’t want to have kids with just VG: I love Kaitlyn [because of] her personality.[But] everyone so far here on the show has been really amazing.My friend asked me who I would like the bachelor to be, and I thought you had to automatically choose someone from the previous season.I guess I was really nervous in my interview, so I said Chad, but I meant to say Chase! But when they announced who the bachelor was on [], I actually recorded myself with my authentic reaction. I called my friend and said, "I wanted it to be him! But she made fun of me because he’s been on the show three times now, so she didn’t think they were going to ask him to be the bachelor.VG: I saw him on Andi’s season when they went to his family’s house for the hometown date, and I just fell in love with how close he is to his family.


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