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With the help of friends in the auto industry, it only took one night for the campaign to raise ,500.

Before Mr Ford brought the vehicle back to Stanford and Patty Kipping, he fixed the vehicle’s headlights, radiator and changed the oil.

As reported by, global debt has been steadily rising for years, and as that has happened, conditions for a debt avalanche...1/4/2016 - In this review of The Big Short, Mike Adams raves about this film as the best movie of not just 2015 but possibly even the best film of the DECADE. "The problem is.that the...11/10/2015 - Liberal policies are destroying the will of the impoverished living in inner cities, holding them down with social programs that restrict their individual freedom to succeed.

This is a "must-see" movie, says Adams, who points to the courage and authenticity of the film in depicting the utter financial insanity and corruption...11/15/2015 - During his first presidential campaign in 2008, after becoming the Democratic presidential nominee, then-U. Socialist ideologies have caused many poor people to fall into a cycle of envy, teaching them to hate the rich, to despise success....11/5/2015 - Citizens of Puerto Rico have consistently voted against becoming the 51st state, but for some reason, President Barack Obama thinks Americans ought to treat them like one anyway.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the administration responsible for building the most debt in U. history now...8/20/2015 - As a follow-up to our exclusive Natural News story on the Tianjin explosion in China -- which also covered military helicopters in Beijing and "kinetic retaliation" by the Pentagon using exotic space weapons -- I'm offering additional analysis of the global war that's already under way (and where it's...8/19/2015 - For years, sociologists, political scientists and economists have been warning that increased government spending on entitlements, welfare and other Left-wing-inspired socialist benefits would bankrupt communities, cities, states and even entire countries.

Believe it or not, the biggest cause of financial ruin in...1/6/2016 - The global economy may be about ready to take a massive hit if a series of imminent crises converge in just the right – or actually just the wrong – way. Bush of being "irresponsible" and "unpatriotic" regarding his stewardship over a rising national debt.

“Feel free to have your way with whomever your partner is; but don’t hitch your cart to a horse headed into a ditch,” says Gail Vaz-Oxlade, money guru and author of .

“What you’re marrying is someone’s character and their financial behaviour is a reflection of their character.

A week ago, voters in Greece overwhelmingly rejected a deal, rebuffing European leaders who were demanding new austerity measures and a piece of Greece's soul.

In...7/7/2015 - As I write this, the European Union is on the brink, financially, with Greece.


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