Dating the villages fla

A major military and civilian deep-water port, the city's riverine location supports two United States Navy bases and the Port of Jacksonville, Florida's third largest seaport.

Jacksonville serves as headquarters for various banking, insurance, healthcare, logistics, and other institutions.

Barnstorm Theatre is a movie theater that features 3D showings, student discounts, senior discounts, and discounts for the residents of The Villages.

The theater also serves food and beverages for moviegoers.

Her arrest has caused a stir - not because of what she did - which comes as no shock to the horny residents - but that the police actually took action'I’m open-minded but I made it clear I wasn’t on the menu – I didn’t want anyone touching me. As a barman I get old women coming on to me all the time.

Some of them know no shame.'There are dozens of mini estates containing row after row of identical bungalows, all with perfectly manicured lawns.

Swim class, full size pools and picnicking is featured along with billiards and tennis courts.

Ask any resident a question during the day about life in the slow lane and they all trot out the same cult-like phrases about the 1000-plus clubs, amazing amenities and friendly faces.

But at night, once the cheap booze kicks in, the talk turns to sex.

Notable sights include the Clos Lucé manor house where Leonardo da Vinci lived.

The town is dominated by the Château d’Amboise, home of King Francis I.


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