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Now you have an opportunity to be on the list for the next meeting. You surf the Fast Dating website to learn all about it. You register for an event on our Web site, by sending the e-mail message to [email protected] a few days after you register, we email you all the event details including directions. You show up EARLY for the event, get your name tag and Match Sheet. You meet about 10 to 12 (and sometimes more) other single professionals in less than 2 hours (via a series of, 5-minute "Dates").There are over 300 monuments of architecture of the XII-XX centuries that have been preserved to date.Spots of interest dating back to the X century include the Trinity Cathedral, the Pagankin Trade yard (civilian houses, merchant chambers, currently a state Museum embracing a collection of the XII century icons and silver crafts), the tremendous Alexander Nevskiy monument at the entrance to the city, the Mirozhskiy monastery (a pearl of the Russian architecture with unique frescoes dating back to the XII century, currently under the protection of the UNESCO Group). Enjoy and mystery and wisdom of this ancient culture.// 5th Russian Conference on Atmospheric Electricity (RCAE-5), Vladimir, 21-26 September 2003, and 7th International Conference “Modern problems of electrophysics and electrohydrodynamics of liquids”, June 27-30, 2003, Saint-Petersburg, pp.94-97.MOSCOW FAST DATING CLUB That club is not a dating agency – we simply arrange meetings and invite up to 20 single people of both sexes to come along and meet new people. For this photo gallery I selected the best pictures that reflect the quiet and solemn beauty of the Pskov area, its historical and cultural heritage and the spirit of its inhabitants. Ancient Russian city Pskov has celebrated 1 100 year jubilee, July 20 - 24, 2003 year. Here is the catalogue "Historical and cultural monuments of Pskov and Pskov region" on the Internet. PSKOV The land of Pskov has a very interesting history. I would like to share with you this numerous pictures. The pictures are splendid and make the site interesting and fun to navigate.

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Try the MOSCOW FAST DATING CLUB is a fun-filled party where you will meet new friends, partners or love in a safe, comfortable atmosphere without pressure or rejection. Fast dating lets you actually meet and talk to your date in person.

Fast dating is held at nice location with a pleasant atmosphere.


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