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Often any examples that I found did much more in the program than I was after, so it was difficult to pick out the few lines that I was actually interested in.So, this page contains a few basic but fully working programs which illustrate common scenarios that you may have.It is a really important step in the planning phase when considering what Active Directory (AD) Domain Name to select.

NET/C# application I have an update panel that takes time to update. Please Wait" Message during the time of the calculations? The MSAD tools and even some of the command line tools are quite limiting and difficult to use in this regard.Whatever the reason, you may find that at some point you need to either purchase additional software for managing AD or write your own.I searched the internet for information about this, but I did not find anything useful.Except a page that wrote that there is an example in windows server 2003 sdk that expands ADUC with thumbnail pictures, but he could not get it to work. Here is a picture that proves that it is possible: (Its a picture of me by the way) This is how I did it: In order to implement this properly you have to add this value to all your display specifiers for all the objects you intend to add pictures to. When pictures are added to the user, the picture is saved in the thumbnailphoto attribute on the user object.It hasn't been tested thoroughly and we do not provide any support whatsoever. Office = "2525" Select New With For Each u In res Console. In his evangelism role, he's been speaking at various events and attended several international conferences including Tech Ed Europe, IT Forum and the PDC.Do not use it in a production environment without proper testing and validation of the technology's behavior. In 2005, Bart graduated as a Master of Informatics from Ghent University, Belgium.LINQ to Active Directory implements a custom LINQ query provider that allows querying objects in Active Directory. LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and is one of the core features of Microsoft's . More information can be found via the MSDN website on Update() A former Visual C# MVP, Bart De Smet now works at Microsoft Corporation on the WPF dev team in an SDE role.Internally, queries are translated into LDAP filters which are sent to the server using the System. This project is meant as a basic sample on implementing custom LINQ query providers. Prior to this new challenge, Bart was active in the Belgian community evangelizing various Microsoft technologies, most of the time focusing on CLR, language innovation and frameworks.Think how cool it would be if you could search up a person in Active directory and find a picture of the person.It would be much more easy to find persons in a large organization.


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