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The input document contains an extra attribute which has not been defined in the XML Schema, this shows that the XML Schema has been used for the validation.When using this XML Schema to validate the input XML document, the following error gets reported: ) as defined below has been used in the code examples to validate the input document. Document Builder Factory class defines a factory API that enables applications to obtain a parser that produces DOM object trees from XML documents. Document Builder Factory class − void set Ignoring Element Content Whitespace(boolean whitespace) This method specifies that the parsers created by this factory must eliminate whitespace in element content (sometimes known loosely as 'ignorable whitespace') when parsing XML documents.Most XML parsers are written in Java, and it provides a comprehensive collection of Java APIs specifically targeted at building XML-based applications.Java Server Pages (JSP) technology has access to all this since it can use the full power of the Java platform to access programming language objects to parse and transform XML documents.

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XML data can be processed and interpreted on any platform--from handheld device to mainframe.

This article shows five ways of how to configure different Java APIs (including DOM, SAX, dom4j and XOM) using JAXP 1.3 for checking and validating XML with DTD and Schema(s).

To report errors, it is necessary to provide an Error Handler to the underlying implementation.

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Our application running on NW Java 7.1X servers (with JRE 5.0) manipulated with internal documents in XML form.


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