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On Monday is the ever-popular Gay Bingo, and throughout the week there’s a ton of creative nights.

Saturday’s is super-fun Duckie, and there’s even the ‘grassy knoll’ of Spring Gardens behind, which becomes the gayest park in London with even a glimmer of sunshine. The Eagle 349 Kennington Lane Vauxhall Another diverse venue with cruising, boozing, BBQs and DISCO on various nights, The Eagle’s Horse Meat Disco party on a Sunday is so popular it’s travelled around the globe.

There’s a menagerie of epic decorations adorning the walls – including a ‘singing’ horse head that can be a tad freaky after one too many gins.

This is a popular spot with east London hipsters and arty types, with regular exhibitions. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT) 372 Kennington Lane Vauxhall The RVT is way more than a pub. Home of the phenomenal Dame Edna Experience on a Sunday for many years, Charlie Hides has taken up the mantle with his superb impressions of Ga Ga, Cher and Madonna.

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The Design Museum opens its new doors in Kensington on 24 November.

Blue-eyed Russian twink Klim Gromov and sexy Latin twink Ricky Verez are two wild bottoms who need a firm hand to keep them in line and teach them how to be good receptacles for raw cock and cum.

James Castle and Andrey Vic both have the skill and patience to show Klim and Ricky how to properly service the rock-hard cocks of no-bullshit alpha males.

If you want to sit down and take it all in, there are leather benches on the stairs where visitors can relax and gaze up in wonder.One major improvement over the old Design Museum is that entrance to the museum and the permanent collection is free.The permanent collection is housed on the top floor and includes a wide variety of exhibits, including the new design for future Underground trains and British road signs.Ricky Verez and Klim Gromov both enter into the sexual encounter cocky and full of themselves, but when they wind up getting their asses pounded without mercy by James Castle and Andrey Vic, their attitudes change and they learn their place as submissive bottoms.Continue reading James Castle snuggles up with his young lover, Bogdan Gromov, in bed watching television.It contains over 1,000 objects — though it wasn't all up and running when we visited so we can't comment on the merits of the whole collection.Gboysiam อิสระแห่งความเป็นคุณGBOYSIAM ทดลองเปิด โดยเราเปลี่ยนชื่อ web เป็น GBOYSIAM. เข้าหน้า Picpost · e XTRe Me Tracker. gboysiam picpost Thai - Asian Gay Links Gboysiam Picpost Portal of Thailand. Continue reading James Castle relishes every chance he gets to sun himself by the pool.It also works up his libido, so it’s the perfect location for him to do his second interview in “Bareback Auditions 05.” This time he’s spending time with Alejandro Torres, a strongly muscled Spanish stud who never lacks in sexual appetite.These games may also have heterosexual romances too.As with all lists this is a WIP and suggestions and corrections are encouraged.


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