Elin nordegren dating colorado dating scene

Returning to Sweden, Nordegren was soon discovered by a famous photographer named Bingo Rimer.

Elin Nordegren is single again and on vacation in the Hamptons, sources tell Page Six.

The two grew up in Vaxholm, Sweden, a small town outside of Stockholm, with their parents and older brother, Axel.

Their father, Thomas Nordegren, is one of Sweden's best-known journalists.

Perhaps Woods’ recent split from skier Lindsey Vonn? Sources tell us psychology graduate Nordegren, who’s in the Hamptons with her kids, some girlfriends and their children, is free again after splitting with billionaire mining entrepreneur Chris Cline for good.

We’re told they had not been able to patch things up after breaking up last year.

We're hearing Gavin Rossdale and Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren went on a first date just before the holiday weekend — and we can't say we saw this one coming!

Here's part of the reason this seems odd: both Elin and Gavin have been apart of widely-publicized cheating scandals, but from completely opposite sides.

There’s a secret portrait in his mansion that ages instead of him, and he’s constantly trying to find crazy shit to do because his life is an endless cycle of boredom.

“They want to make it work.” In Elin Nordegren’s defense, she walked away with enough of Tiger Woods’ money to topple a government – Maybe ours? – so who are we to begrudge her some sport fucking to pass the days? As for Gavin Rossdale, don’t even bother getting jealous.

Born in Stockholm, Elin Nordegren was, at various times, a model, a university student, and nanny to Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik.

” A so-called “source” claims to the supermarket tabloid, “This is classic Gavin, sending messages to Gwen that he knows will upset her.” Although Stefani is happily committed to Blake Shelton, the gossip magazine contends she “still holds a torch for Gavin.” A purported “insider” asserts, “Gwen privately admits Gavin’s the only guy who’s really ‘gotten’ her.

She can’t shake those feelings, no matter how hard she tries.” That’s why the publication claims it “was a slap in the face to Gwen when Gavin bragged in an interview he’d texted Swedish stunner Elin ‘a couple of times to say hello,’ and called her ‘a really great girl.” Alleges the supposed source, “That was Gavin’s underhanded way of telling Gwen that two can play this dating game.


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