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FFMPEG (from svn) conversions, mplayer, mencoder, flvtool2, yamdi; including codecs: x264, speex, nellymoser, theora, mp3lame, vorbis, ogg, faac, faad2, xvid & other codecs/tools on request; for more functionality including live video archiving and HLS/MPEG-DASH live deliver, see our Wowza plans All plans are on servers with 1000Mbps connection.Most providers use 100Mbps servers but we found these not suitable for live video streaming requirements and hosting many simultaneous users, so all our servers have 10x higher connection.With its world-famous red light district dotted with window brothels, Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole are seen as a haven for sex workers.But the reality is nowhere near that black-and-white, according to a member of a Dutch union which represents those who work in the adult industry.For advanced features see the Wowza Streaming Engine RTMP hosting plans.

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