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As she fought him off, he allegedly bludgeoned her with a crowbar, stabbed her to death, and cut off her hands to hide the evidence.The murder caused a nationwide outpouring of anger over the treatment of women in Turkey, a country that has long struggled with high rates of gender-based violence relative to European countries.

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In response to Aslan's murder, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan "encouraged men generally to protect women from harm, since women were 'entrusted to men by God,'” according to Istanbul-based journalist Emily Feldman.In a demonstration,he showed how cameras can be concealed in a fan and other spots around a hotel room.There were four cameras pointing at the bed and three in the bathroom, including inside a coffee maker.She began to open the bag and another passenger sitting nearby saw something moving inside.” “He alerted the flight attendants who discovered a baby, aged between one and two years old.” The eyewitness said the infant appeared to be in good health.The woman and child were taken to the front of the aircraft and handed over to French police upon arrival in Paris." Twitter soon erupted with the hashtags #Ozgecan Aslan and #sendeanlat, or "you must also tell." More recently, the #Ozgecan Aslan campaign has been used to draw attention to killings of women in Afghanistan and other parts of the world.Activists say Turkish men routinely face relatively mild penalties when caught injuring or killing women.They asked the woman to open the bag and found the child.Air France confirmed the incident but said they could not give further details.One possibility under investigation is that the child was being smuggled to Europe by an illegal adoption ring.Vincent, a 36 year-old passenger on the flight, told the French news website “There was a cloth bag belonging to a female passenger who was sitting at the rear of the plane.


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