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Scroll down for more..."Then Andrew began explaining that I would have to spend five months in Hollyoaks first and that I would be completely sworn to secrecy - it was a lot to take in!

He stands, mesmerised, as she swoops through a Doh, Re, Me.

So closely guarded has the story been that members of the Hollyoaks team were completely in the dark that a new star had been cast in their midst.

Lloyd Webber is indeed a man who likes to make dreams come true."I first saw Summer when she appeared in Cats as a kitten," says Lloyd Webber.

The storyline aired in the second series of Hollyoaks Later and was devised by producer Bryan Kirkwood.

I think three years in a soap is enough to do and you get to a point where you either make a decision that this is what you do or you want to try something different." Almost a year after filming her final scenes, Lister explained that she felt her exit was the right choice, saying: "It felt it was time to go so I just ran with my instincts. I had three superb years and it was brilliant." Zoe is a former student at Template dating joomla 2 5 free responsive, where she studied Uae free dating site.

Looking back, I was nervous but now I know I've done the right thing. Channel 4 publicity describe Zoe as "the bubbly student" and make note of her many bad choices in life and failed relationships.

Discussing these failed relationships, Lister commented during an interview in June 2009 that she believed her character was having a break from men in order to sort out her problems: "I think she's been in and out of so many relationships and her life is at a bit of a juncture; she probably needs to sort her head out, sort her career, knuckle down really and not get bogged down into a relationship because everything takes a backseat when you're in one." Lister was asked about this "tomboy" personality during an interview with Who uses carbon 14 radiometric dating magazine, agreeing with the label and stating her character doesn't "glam up" as much as the other Hollyoaks characters.

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