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The driver compatibility table in the hardware guide has a detailed list of the manufacturers and models supported by the drivers that come with wee WX.If you do not see your hardware in this table, check the list of supported hardware; the pictures may help you identify the manufacturer and/or model.You can switch to using timed scans or run a program on the file server that sends remote inotify events to the mediatomb daemon.If the port was not specified on command line or in the configuration, Media Tomb will choose the first available port, starting from 49152.

As already mentioned in Lesson 3, it is important to save your project as a baseline and then later compare it with the actual schedules.

Make sure to connect to the port where the server is actually running, easiest way to do that on a local machine is to use the bookmark feature.

This SHOULD have worked on ubuntu too, but it doesn't.

This lesson will also show you how to consolidate many projects into one and communicate with team members (workgroup) and exchange information such as team member assignments and task updates and other project data between various other applications.

Apart from being able to manage a project well, an effective project manager needs to ensure that the project goals are met on time and are within the budget.


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