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* * * #### Suggestion Threads [General Suggestion]( The Mecca for suggestions. [Badge Suggestions]( Suggest and discuss any badges that you would like to be added to the site. room\_id=24103_ tag at the end of the URL of the game you are playing. []( For a full list of Room ID’s you should go [here]( `Link to this post --- How to link to a specific post There are two ways to link to a specific post. Example: [This will link to the default avatars post]( `Link to this post --- **How to attach a Hyperlink to an image** Making an image into a hyperlink is simple. Because I still don’t know some of the Admins on Kongregate.

[Quest Suggestions]( Suggest and discuss any quests that you would like to be added to the site. Press the refresh button and you will wind up in Ivory Tower. Here is one mistake, On what that thing mean you said “List of Administrators” Well that link is broken.

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While his stylist, Becca, fits him with outfits for tonight’s Madison Square Garden show—Carlos Campos, Dolce & Gabbana—the females in the chat room persistently try to coax him out of them. There is squealing and giggling on the line as Trey chats with the ladies like he’s their teenage love. Paul Anka’s “Puppy Love” would make for great background music now.He had only just been released from prison after serving half of a five-year sentence for attacking former girlfriend Emma Thomas, 38, at her home - which is next door to Williams' own family home.Probe: The man suspected of murdering his girlfriend who then died after being Tasered by police allegedly gouged out his victim's eyes and was found 'eating her face' in a south Wales village, witnesses claim Home Office data showed Tasers were used 10,488 times in the 12 months to the end of June - a 13 per cent increase compared with the 9,289 on the previous year.Univision’s brass know all too well that the kind of dominance the network has with older Latinos can’t be duplicated with the under-35 set — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to capture as many of those eyeballs as possible.The news and gossip site is shuttering after a lengthy court battle with former professional wrestling star Hulk Hogan, who was secretly backed by Silicon Valley investor Peter [Kongregate Forum]( cx=018001011622160373185:xcr0frqvrk0&hl=en) * * * ## Forum FAQ's/Kongregate How-To's `More to come` [Kongregate Tutorials]( [Changing Your sex with Fire Bug]( page=1#posts-2316402) * * * ## Useful and popular threads `More to Come` #### Your Save Files And You [Save Data Back-Up Utility]( This Ruby application lets you back your save files. This allows you to enter a chat room even if it is full. []( 2) Another way to join a full chat room if you don’t have any friends in it is by using [Room IDs.]( To enter a full chat room using room ID’s all you need to do is find the room ID that corresponds with the room you wish to enter and put it at the end of the URL of any game on the site. []( ` 3) The link is the URL for that specific post. ;) Sellyme ~~-~~ I won’t remove them and I will fix the gender type. Here is one mistake, On what that thing mean you said “List of Administrators” Well that link is broken.Backing up these cumbersome files give you peace of mind knowing that you will never have your progress for a game stripped from you. page=1#posts-1446236) A tutorial explaining the location of your save files(extension) and how to transfer them from one website to another and from one computer to another. EXAPLE: If you wish to enter Ivory Tower but the room is full you should put the _? 1) You need to click the date above the post you are going to be linking to. []( 2) Once you have clicked the date on the post you will notice that the URL in your search bar has changed. Once you have it all you need to do is put it in a hyper-link. Can you please redo it so some of the NEW users can look at it properly.* * * Feel free to drop me a shout or post in this thread if a link is broken or if you have any suggestions! page=1#posts-2316400) [How To Attach A Hyperlink To An Image]( [How To Become A Moderator]( [How To Embed Images In The Forums/Spoiler Tags]( [How To Enter A Full Chat Room]( [How To Link To A Specific Post]( [HTML Formatting Your Forum Posts]( [Kongregate's Font]( [Kongregate Symbols]( page=1#posts-2316409`#### How to enter a full chat room There are two ways to enter a full chat room. Very useful thread, it should be linked to in a sticky.* * * ## Kongregate Custom Search Engines [All Forums]( page=1) [List of Users You Have Muted]( [Moderators and Administrators(beginners guide)]( [Profile Formatting]( [Username Icons]( 1) If you wish to join a full chat room you can go to your friends list and click the “Join a room” link. Juame ~~-~~ I plan on using up the reserved posts, and maybe expanding the first post. Also, I thought linking to the default avatars was cleaver myself.Matthew Williams, 34, (right) is suspected of murdering Cerys Yemm (left) by 'eating her face', before he died after being Tasered by police in Caerphilly, south Wales.He had supposedly met her in a bar only hours earlier The 34-year-old man has not been identified by police but has been named locally as Matthew Williams.


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