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Make sure everyone is agreed on the rules before you start, and let the game begin!

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Lots of good food and drink (BYOB on the drink of course), and everyone that attended would be required to drink up!She tried to console me by telling me that I should quickly do another dare so I wouldn't be soured on my hobby. I decided to wear a pair of jeans and a short crop-top so that my belly button and a lot of bare flesh was visible before the waist of my regular cut jeans. As I was getting dressed I thought I would heat things up a bit."You know," she said, "like when you fall of a horse you're supposed to get right back on again otherwise you'll never ride again." The dare seemed pretty tame (actually I used the word lame) to me. I intentionally used a pair of needle-nose pliers and broke two of the zipper teeth on the zipper so that I couldn't zip it all the way up if I wanted to.These dare submissions were sent in about 10 years ago or so and they were FANTASTIC!Paris pushed herself to go far in her dares and took us all along for the ride.Truthfully, I thought the dare wouldn't last very long and I could get on with my chores. I looked at myself in the mirror after getting dressed and the first thing that struck me was that my red panties were pretty obvious through the open zipper!My bare tummy only served to draw attention to my pelvis, I thought, thus making my faux pas quite easy to spot - even to the most casual of observers.This kinky version of truth or dare will push you and your partner to sexy new limits.Featuring 100 racy prompts on 50 double-sided sticks like, "Choose an adult movie for us to watch," and "What's your ultimate role-play fantasy?," you'll experiment with seductive challenges and blush-worthy questions. These dare submissions were sent in many years ago with a few that were more recent amd still stunning!


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