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She said: "He gave his name as Andy and said he was 28. They swapped telephone numbers," she said, adding that between July and September Lay groomed the girl using the internet and text messages, she said.

On September 1 the girl played truant and met Lay who drove from Milton Keynes bringing bottles of Bacardi Breezer, a digital camera and perfume as a present for her 13th birthday a few days earlier.

The school children were taking part in a group chat on social media app on Monday.

And moments after logging in, an unknown man joined in the chat and exposed himself – before performing a sex act.

This week, letters issued to parents said that the incident was not the first involving the video streaming platform to be reported.

It said Leeds Safeguarding Board had received at least one other call in the past week voicing similar concerns about the app.

"I had no idea that these sites existed before the death of my son.

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If you are a first time visitor, to make your first time experience as enjoyable as possible we ask that you adhere to these simple commonsense rules. Chat room safety is YOUR responsibility, not ours, so we strongly urge that you also read our Chat Room Safety Guide as soon as possible.

The said: ‘Whilst the app is only supposed to access contacts on the user’s phone, it appears that quite quickly, friends of friends of friends are able to join the group chat whom your child does not know at all.

‘It is therefore an unsafe app for children to use, as it risks either an incident such as happened, or opportunities for your child to be groomed online and therefore at risk of sexual exploitation.’ A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: ‘Specialist detectives from Leeds District Safeguarding Unit are investigating and enquiries are ongoing to identify the person responsible.

One thing to remember is that the best chat rooms are like the best bars - you mingle, you find some people you hit it off with, and you decide to meet for a coffee. Chat rooms are simply a great way of meeting people online because you find people with similar interests there.

You can message someone back and forth and chat with them for a few days, but then it’s really time to meet up in real life to see if there’s real life chemistry. Then you can continue the conversation via direct chat (we have a similar feature to the kind of chat they offer on Facebook) or via messaging, or even phone.


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