Updating a split level home

Setting a remodeling budget you feel comfortable with can help you avoid overspending.

Increasing a split-level's curb appeal can go a long way toward updating a tired exterior.

We're thinking of going to the house with a contractor to get some ideas on changes and cost so we can have that in mind if/when we make an offer.

I would love to hear about the experience of others who tried this!

America saw how a split-level house worked well for Mike and Carol Brady’s large blended family with six children, and housekeeper Alice.Replacing old siding with fiber-cement siding provides a low-maintenance, new look to mimic natural wood, stone or brick.Removing or trimming overgrown bushes and trees provides a fresh, manicured appearance.The interior needs updated as well but I'm more concerned about how to update the exterior and is it even possible? What did you do to update your long, low split level?About how much did it cost to make the changes you made? This house is going to need more than a fresh new paint color!“Many of these homes have survived and are affordable,” West says in his blog, noting that split-levels in College Park, Md., can be found for between 5,000 and 0,000, versus Colonial-style houses of the same size and condition for between 0,000 and 0,000.People who have owned split-levels are probably the best ones to describe why they find them desirable. The couple says affordability was one of the main draws of their 1958 split-level home in Massapequa, on New York’s Long Island.Split-level homes were in vogue during the 1970s -- not so much today.With a little remodeling, you can transform your outdated, split-level home into a place where you'll love to spend time.Build a stairway leading up to a new, covered front porch, portico or canopy to create a warm welcome for guests.Break up a continuous roofline by adding dormers to create visual interest.


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