Updating offline disk cache apple mail

I heard that Mail cannot work well with Google mail servers and it may store tons of cache files. You can easily delete some very important folders and files you will desperately need. If you do not understand what hidden files, Terminal window or commands are, call an expert. Apple can’t always figure out what Google is doing.

Deleted files and attachments are not removed from local storage etc. One bad sign is that deleted messages temporarily reappear in the Mail’s Archive folder.

Perhaps the “Backups” section is taking up many GB of space from locally stored i Device backup files going back to the year 1400 BCE, you can delete old i Phone and i Pad backups from i Tunes easily and safely, just be sure you keep recent backups of devices, or use i Cloud.

You’ll often see things that are immediately actionable in this [email protected] I have around 100k mails stored on disk and when I change the option the Mail program freezes and stop to respond while it eats 100% of CPU ...so I think it is deleting already downloaded messages.By default, Outlook configures Exchange accounts to only synchronize a specific number of months, depending on the size of the disk.Many Mac users will inevitably see the “Your startup disk almost full” error message show up in OS X, with a vague note to delete some files in order to make more space available on the Mac.If you are hard-pressed for space to the point where a few GB of local mail storage is of particular concern, then your best bet is likely either to use an email service which supports automatic message archiving (so that you can search through an archive which is stored on the server, thus freeing space on your machine that the archived messages would have taken) or routinely remove messages from your inbox and store them elsewhere (e.g., on a NAS).As it seems your goal is to have your messages readily accessible for search and other purposes, the first option is probably more likely to suit your needs.In Safari it was easy, it's in Preferences, but in Mail it was a bit buried - select the account, advanced tab, and then "don't keep copies of any messages". The preference you speak of, wasn't present in any recent (I checked back to Lion). After looking through the updates to Mail in Mavericks, it looks like I have bad news.Problem is, it seems like in Mavericks this preference is gone. The only "don't keep copies" setting was for select Mailboxes and the mail messages were always kept locally and the don't keep was to avoid storing them on the server if you enabled the checkbox. There does not appear to be any way to disable Mail in Mavericks from storing local copies of messages (of course, you can save space by preventing Mavericks from storing local copies of attachments).I'm running out of room on my 256GB SSD, so I need to clear out any/all data that I can.I also want to ensure no new mail get stored locally.


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