Updating wii homebrew

We’re currently working on new exploits and a new release of the Hack Mii installer but we’ll spend some more time to obfuscate our exploits this time to make it harder for ninty to find and fix them.

It might therefore take some more time until our next release.

It’s been a quiet few months around here — Nintendo seems to have been neglecting the Wii.

The official update is very slightly unsafe (Equally as unsafe as if you had homebrew), although you can remove the risk using PART 1 of the Upgrade method. It is the boot2 upgrade which is slightly dangerous, but it can be avoided by PART 1 of the Upgrade method.

Just don’t update – there’s nothing interesting in this update anyway.

A Wii System Update will add new features to upgrade your Wii console.

To actually upgrade, use the steps on the Upgrade page after reading this page. It's slightly harder to install homebrew on 4.3 than on earlier firmwares.

This is safe and the recommended way to upgrade the Wii, but only if you first take precautions (listed here). You can safely upgrade after installing homebrew, instead.


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