Updating xml clob in oracle

The LONG and LONG RAW datatypes have been deprecated in favour of LOBs for many Oracle versions, yet they still exist in the data dictionary and legacy systems.

For this reason, it is still quite common to see questions in Oracle forums about querying and manipulating LONGs.

It should be installed only once, in ANY Oracle Home.

Installing OO4O into a second home will render the previous version obsolete.

The problem with this hint is that, far from locking a plan in place, it is locking an empirically derived fudge factor in place.

We can see that the not null constraints have been applied in different ways but ultimately they all have the same effect.

We will now try to solve our problem by querying USER_TAB_COLUMNS, which has a column named "NULLABLE".

The Oracle documentation describes the LONG datatype's main restrictions as follows: Despite the size of this list, we'll find that most of the time we are blocked by the two restrictions highlighted above.

For this reason, we'll concentrate on these in this article and provide some solutions to workaround them.


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