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Harvard has won the last eight games between the schools and is unbeaten in the last 18 contests between the Ivy League rivals (16-0-2).

Harvard and Yale have played 68 times, with the Crimson holding a sizable, 58-8-2, record in those contests.

Justin Yeakel, Assistant Professor, Life and Environmental Sciences, UC Merced We are working on an NSF-funded project to build multi-trophic food webs for La Brea paleo-ecosystems and reconstruct changes in the composition and structure of the ecological network in California across the late 50,000 years.

Using the Project 23 deposits, which span from 50,000 years to ca.

I was between jobs when I met Anna.’ The ‘something unique’ they built was the London Film Academy – a buzzing, efficient warren of edit suites, libraries, studios and classrooms all Tardis-ed inside a converted chapel in Fulham, west London.

Back then, this ‘boutique school’ offered the first ‘super intense’, one year, multi-disciplinary, film-making diploma.

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Follow From Home Go will provide live statistics for this week’s games, all home games and most road contests this season.

30,000 years ago, we will first reconstruct trophic interactions of the large to small mammals and vegetation from different time slices, allowing us to constrain the range of natural variability among species interactions.

We will then examine the stability of food webs to external perturbations, both simulated (e.g., targeted removal of a species vs.

How about switching careers to open your very own film school?

Well, ten years ago, that’s what best friends Anna Macdonald and Daisy Gili did.


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