Who is dating erica durance

After nine years of being together, the couple finally announced Durance's pregnancy in September 2014.Hour months after her announcement, Durance gave birth to their first child.In 2004, she guest-starred on television series, The Chris Isaak Show playing Ashley, a woman on a date with Chris.And appeared on the supernatural drama series The Collector.When it comes down to it, your most important asset in life is your family.

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They have a booming economy, better health care laws and most importantly, a surprisingly large amount of hot women compared to their population.

Our sources have revealed that the actress is currently busy caring of her first born baby and has plans of having a second baby for the time being.

She began dating actor, director and writer David Palffy in April 2001 and married him on January 8 2005.

Durance first gained fame in 2004, after being cast as Lois Lane on the popular CW Superman series, Smallville.

Playing a sassy, street-smart teenage Lois Lane at the start of the 4th season of Smallville.


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