Yahoo chat adult roleplay

I remember hearing about RPGchat (I'm sure you could find something purely by Googling it) also, I hear Tumblr is a popular place to RP now.

Myself, I prefer to do things through email or instantly through contacts over yahoo (which makes it increasingly difficult to find RP partners given that the chats are now gone) so I don't necessarily RP on those places. XD you can contact me by email if you're interested, or just check out those two places.

Stranger: my tongue dances with yours, locked in a passionate kiss...

I slide my hands across your sides, down to your hips You: I put both of my arms around your neck, pulling your upper body towards me.

Or if you were a user of the yahoo adult rooms, where have you moved on to now? If were never going to get back in, then at least I'd like to accept it and move on somewhere else.

Stranger: I gaze into your beautiful face, and suddenly kiss your lips, running my hands gently through your hair, down to your back You: I put my hands on your back and move them down nearly towards your butt, I also slip my toungue into your mouth while passionately kissing you.

Stranger: I walk over to you and sit next to you, and start rubbing your... Stranger: I smile, and move my hands down your arms a little, caressing you, I put my other hand on yours, encouraging you to continue You: I smile back, I fut my hand on to the side of your face and stare seductively into your eyes.

I know about Global Chat Network but was wondering what else is out there with streaming chat rooms (think thats the right wording).

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated even if its just a forum or such.


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